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Best Exercises To Get A Flat Tummy

The Ultimate Flat Tummy Workout

Are you looking to lose a little flab in the lower stomach? If so, below you will find the best exercises that will give you a flat stomach fast. These exercises will build your abs up and destroy fat. The reason we want to strengthen our abs is because once the fat goes away in your stomach, you want the skin to be nice and firm underneath. Having a nice layer of muscle underneath your skin will tighten it up and make you look much fitter in general.


The plank is an exercise that we all have done at some point in our lives. The plank builds your entire core up because you are working almost all of the muscles in your lower body at the same time.

Side Plank

The side plank is just a variation on the original plank. The only real difference is that it is an entirely different exercise. We are not kidding. This exercise will make you tired quickly.

Boat Pose

The boat pose is almost a reverse plank. Are you starting to see the similarities between all of these exercises? If you want a nice flat stomach, then you will need to do some variation on the plank. The boat pose is a great variation on that.

Buff Dudes 12 Week Program Review

Our Review Of The Buff Dudes 12 Week Program

12 week program by the buff dudes

     First of all, if you have never worked out ever in your life or heard about the Buff Dudes, then don’t worry! The Buff Dudes 12 Week Program is perfect for beginners. You can download the program for FREE from here. If you are a workout expert, then you should be well versed in the fitness techniques and lifting forms that are used in the program. The Buff Dudes plan uses many compound movements such as the bench press and dead lifts. The squat is also an exercise that is used a ton in the program. In 12 weeks, you will definitely see a change in your body. I started at 6 foot 4 inches and weighed 235 lbs and after the 12 weeks I weighed 215 all muscle.

buff dudes routine fitness plan

Buff Dudes Workout Routine

The most difficult part about the program is the heavy load of exercises. You will be doing about 5 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions. This doesn’t sound too bad, but there are usually six or seven different exercises. Let’s just say that when you are done with the workout, you WILL be tired. The Buff Dudes workout routine is not for the weak-hearted. You will be taken through the ringer throughout the entire Buff Dudes 12 Week Program. You can expect to be lifting heavy with high reps 4-6 days of the week. The workouts usually start with heavy compound movements such as the pull up or bench press, but then it goes into different isolation exercises that allow for your muscle to become toned. The goal of the program is to both gain muscle mass while also getting toned. HLF believes that if you just want to gain muscle mass then you should be doing high weight with low repetitions. However, if you want to get toned, you should be doing low weight with high repetitions. This program is a great combination of the best of both worlds. Be prepared though, if you don’t get ready for the program, then it will surprise you with how difficult it is to complete.